Command Description Return Value
Zone "<zone name>" Changes the current zone The zone name
Zone Clear Cancels the current zone none
Zone ? Returns the current zone The zone name
  • <zone name>
    • The alphanumeric name of a zone.
    • Zone names must be enclosed in quotes.




Use the Zone command to select a zone. Zones are used to separate different areas of a particular project. Zones are also “parent containers” for presets, meaning that any preset must be a member of a zone.

When a zone is selected, only channels within that zone can be changed. For example, a zone named “Meeting Room” only contains channels 10 through 19. If that zone is selected, then any subsequent commands that might change channel values (such as On, Off, At, Go, Release, Toggle, etc.) will only operate on channels 10 through 19, regardless of which channels are being targeted by the Cue, Group, Preset, etc.

To remove the restrictions of having a zone selected, use the Zone Clear command. Once the zone is cleared all channels will again respond to the various channel setting commands.

In certain applications, it is useful to be able to join multiple zones together (such as in a Ballroom with removable “air walls”). See the Join command to learn how to join Zones together. When zones are joined, the channel setting commands can affect the combined channels of all joined zones.


Zone "Ballroom A"
Selects the zone named “Ballroom A”.

Zone "Foyer" Preset 3 On
Activates Preset 3 in the Zone “Foyer”.

Zone "Theater" Channel 1>100 FL@
Selects the “Theater” zone and then attempts to set channels 1 through 100 to Full. Only the channels defined in the zone will actually be set to Full.

Zone Clear
Remove the restrictions of the current zone.

Zone ?
Returns the currently selected zone.

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