Command Description Return Value
Group <number> [<range...>] Select one or more channel groups The selected channels’ value


GR or U


Selecting Groups

The Group command selects one or more DMX channels in the currently active playback fader that were stored in the specified group resource. Use the Group command in conjunction with an action command like At, On, Off, Enable, Disable, Park, Unpark or Release to set channel levels, change the enable or parked state of channels, or release them. When used alone or in logic expressions, the Group command returns the current value of the specified channel(s).

Either a single group number can be specified, or a range of groups can be specified using the various selection operators like +, -, > and ~.


Group 1
Selects the channels in group 1. Future action commands will be directed towards these channels. Also returns the selected channel’s current value between 0 and 255, or -1 if the channels are released and/or mixed in value.

Group 1+5 At 33
Sets the channels in groups 1 and 5 to 33%.

@Group 2+5 Park
Parks the channels in groups 2 and 5.

Group 100
Time 0
At 75
Time 5
At 0
Selects the channels in group 100, then sets the fade time to 0 (immediate), then sets the selected channels to 75%, then sets the fade time to 5 (seconds), then sets the selected channels to 0%.

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