The Cues editor shows the Cue List, and allows for the creation, capture, modification and removal of cues from the project.

The Cues Editor is divided into several sections. The top panel shows the list of Cues. Click on a cue to have it appear in the lower panel. Once selected, a Cue’s properties, rules, and contents can be viewed or modified.

For details about different aspects of creating and modifying cues, see the following topics:

  • Cue Types – discusses the differences between normal and streaming cues.
  • Adding Cues – to learn how to add cues to a project.
  • Cue Properties – for a description of the various properties of a cue.
  • Cue Contents – to see how the contents of a cue are displayed.
  • Cue Rules – for how to add automation rules to a cue.