Action commands perform actions. Some action commands operate on the current selection (as set by the Selection Commands), and some action commands perform a global action that does not depend on selected objects.

For example, the At command operates on selected channels, buttons, playbacks, outputs and more. In order to properly use the At command, one of these objects must be selected first. The following examples show some of the proper uses of At:

  • Channel 1 At 75
  • Button 1>8 At 0
  • Playback 3 At FL
  • Group 1+3+5+7 At 95

Other action commands, such as the Audio command do not depend on other objects being selected first. The following examples show how the Audio command can be used to start and stop playing sounds.

  • Audio "Chime.wav"
  • Audio "Breakbeat.mp3"
  • Audio Stop

All of the available action commands are detailed in the following sections.