KiNET is an alternate method of sending DMX lighting control values to from a CueServer to lighting fixtures and/or power supplies that support the proprietary Philips/Color Kinetics KiNET protocol.

The following table lists the general specifications for the CueServer implementation of KiNET:

  • Compliant with the v1 and v2 versions of the KiNET protocol
  • May send and/or receive up to 128 universes of KiNET simultaneously
  • A universe outputting KiNET v1 may be sent to any arbitrary IP address
  • A universe outputting KiNET v2 may specify a port number and DMX range
  • KiNET is sent at a maximum rate of 40Hz for each universe when channel values are changing
  • KiNET is sent at a minimum rate of 1Hz for each universe when channel values are static

For more information about KiNET, please visit Color Kinetics at

Interactive Technologies is a KiNET licensee by Philips/ColorKinetics.