CueServer includes an embedded web server that responds to HTTP requests. In addition to the standard URLs that a user of the Web Interface would see, a special set of URLs are available in CueServer that can be used to run CueScript commands, fetch real-time information from CueServer, set operating parameters and more.

This section describes the various URLs that are available and their function.

Command Throttling (IMPORTANT)

It is very imporant to employ a throttling mechanism when sending HTTP requests. New requests should only be sent after a response to the previous request has been received from CueServer. This allows CueServer to manage requests and responses gracefully and it prevents your code from sending a large number of commands blindly in a very short period of time (for example, moving a slider in a rapid fashion). Not implementing a throttling mechanism could result in many dropped requests and commands and/or performance issues affecting other functions of CueServer due to high CPU usage.

CueServer CGI URLs: