When a DMX Trigger is set to the Submaster Control type, the incoming DMX channel value is directly mapped to control the Submaster of a Playback Fader.

This type of trigger is best used when it is desired to have an external console directly control the Submaster level of one of CueServer’s Playback Faders.

When editing an Submaster Control trigger, the editor panel will appear similar to this example:

The following properties can be set for an Submaster Control trigger:

  • Properties
    • Number – The numerical order of the trigger in the list. This number can be changed to replace an existing trigger or to organize triggers numerically.
    • Name – A name for the trigger. This field can be freely set to any text.
  • Trigger
    • Channel – The channel that is being observed for the trigger. A value from 1 to 16384 may be entered into this field. The channel number corresponds to the global channel number within CueServer, not a local channel number in a single universe.
    • Type – The type of the DMX Trigger. Set to Submaster Control for this type of trigger.
    • Submaster – The number of the Playback Fader’s Submaster to control. A value from 1 to 32 may be in this field.
    • Invert Submaster Level – Normally, the DMX value is passed directly to the Submaster value. When this checkbox is selected, the Submaster value will be inverted from the DMX value. For example, when the DMX value is at zero, the Submaster will be at full.