Command Description Return Value
Break Stops executing the current command string None




The Break command stops executing the current command string. Use Break in situations where a condition requires that all of the subsequent commands should be ignored.


Cue 1 Go; Break; Button 1 On
Executes Cue 1, then stops execution of subsequent commands. The Button 1 On phrase will never be executed.

Cue 1 Go
If ('myVariable' > 5) Then
Button 1 On
Executes Cue 1, then checks to see if myVariable is greater than 5. If it is, then none of the remaining commands will execute. If myVariable is less than or equal to 5, then Button 1 will be turned on.

Cue 1 Go; `continue`; Button 1 On
Executes Cue 1, then the contents of the variable continue are executed in place. If continue contains the value “Break” then execution stops here. If continue is empty, then execution continues on to “Button 1 On”. Note that the `accent-quotes` are used around the variable name to execute the contents of the variable.