Version 4.0.8

Version 4.0.8 is a maintenance release with 5 bug fixes and one minor new feature. These changes improve the overall reliability and performance of the product. The fixes for the .cs2 file format and the web station framework are important updates for all CueServer users.

  • Navigator Window
    • Bug Addressed a problem that could cause .cs2 show file uploads to the device to fail if the show contains a large number of individual resources.
  • CueScript
    • Bug Fixed a problem that caused the RELEASE command to improperly release all channels if the selection contained only channels above 4096.
    • Bug Addressed a potential crash that could occur if a show file is opened that has the CueScript Console server enabled.
  • Stations
    • Bug Addressed a bug in the web station framework that caused performance problems with switching pages and that would ultimately cause the host browser to run out of memory.
  • JavaScript
    • Bug Fixed problem with getChannelLevel() alias.
  • General
    • Feature Added an internal function that can display important bulletins as available from the software update server.