This request sets various LCD Display properties.



Optional Parameters:

  • backlight=<0..255> (optional)
    • This parameter (if present) sets the LCD Display’s backlight brightness.
    • Valid range is from 0 to 255.

  • field=<1..4>&id=<0..16> (optional)
    • This parameter group (if present) sets one of the four quadrants of the LCD Display to one of the built-in display functions.
    • Valid fields are from 1 to 4 (see below).
    • Valid display function ID is from 0 to 16 (see below).
LCD Field Description
1 Top-Left
2 Top-Right
3 Bottom-Left
4 Bottom-Right
LCD Function Description
0 Blank
1 Device Name
2 Long Date + 12-Hour Time
3 Short Date + 12-Hour Time
4 Long Date + 24-Hour Time
5 Short Date + 24-Hour Time
6 Long Date
7 Short Date
8 12-Hour Time
9 24-Hour Time
10 User String
11 IP Address
12 Timecode
13 I/O Status
14 CPU Load
15 Show Path
16 Show Name


A single byte is returned. The following table explains the possible return values.

Result Description
0x00 The operation was successful.
0xFE An internal shared memory error occurred.


Function URL
Set the backlight to 75% /set.cgi?dst=lcd&backlight=191
Set the Top-Left quadrant of the LCD to I/O Status /set.cgi?dst=lcd&field=1&id=13