When new features or bug fixes become available for CueServer 2, a new version of CueServer Studio will be released. With each software release, CueServer Studio will check to make sure that the CueServer devices have the most up-to-date software version.

If a CueServer’s firmware is out of date, it will appear in the Navigator Window with a warning icon ( ) in front of the firmware version number.

CueServer Studio can update the firmware in connected CueServers by choosing the Update Firmware… menu item in the CueServer menu.

The following dialog window appears:

In this example, CueServer Studio is recommending that the device be upgraded to version 1.0.3. This firmware image is embedded in the CueServer Studio application itself. Simply click on the Update button to perform the update.

If you want to update the CueServer to a different version of firmware, click on the Choose Other… button. A file chooser window will appear that will allow a different firmware version to be loaded. CueServer firmware files have the file extension .c2f.

When the firmware update process is running, a progress window appears:

The progress of the update is shown in the window and on the LCD screen of the CueServer. When the update is complete, the CueServer will reboot and the Done button can be clicked to dismiss the window.