Some CueServer 2 models have a front-panel LCD Display with navigation buttons. This display is used to see the overall operational status of the device and can be used to adjust a small subset of settings and perform basic diagnostics.

The LCD Display features include:

  • System Status (Default)
  • Main Menu
    • Execute Macros
    • Change the Active Show
    • Adjust the Clock
    • Adjust Network Settings
    • View DMX Channels
    • Display System Information
    • Perform a Self Test

See the LCD Display Modes section for a complete description of the LCD functions available.


CS-900 CS-920 CS-940/950
LCD Display 2-Line x 40 Character
Black on White
n/a 2-Line x 40 Character
Black on White
Navigation 5-Way Backlit Button Pad n/a 5-Way Micro Joystick