Adding a Remote CueServer

To add a CueServer to the Navigator Window that is “across the Internet” (i.e., not on the local network), choose Add Remote CueServer… from the CueServer Menu, or click the Add Remote button ( ) in the toolbar.

The Add Remote CueServer window will appear:

The fields in this window are described below:

This field can accept either an IP Address (for example:, or a domain name (such as:

This field is used to specify the port number of the remote CueServer. If left blank, the default port 80 will be used. Valid port numbers range from 1 to 65535.

To add a remote CueServer (after the fields are filled out properly), click Add.

Viewing Remote CueServers in the Navigator Window

Once a Remote CueServer has been added to the Navigator Window, it will appear in the CueServer list with a small cloud icon ( ) next to the status icon. For example:

The cloud icon shows that the CueServer in the list is a Remote CueServer.

The following icons can appear in the status column for Remote CueServers:

The CueServer is online.
The CueServer is being contacted.
The CueServer is offline.

Removing Remote CueServers from the Navigator Window

Simply select the Remote CueServer, and then press the Delete key on your keyboard.