This request returns the current state of of the CueServer’s front-panel buttons.

This request only returns the 8-bit indicator state of the first eight buttons of each of the first 64 stations (as this is what CueServer 1 was limited to).




This request will return 520 bytes. Each byte is an 8-bit color value for each of the 8 buttons on the first 64 button stations (stations 1 thru 64) as defined in CueServer. The final eight bytes returned correspond to the built-in station (station 0).

If there is no “Station 1” defined in the current show file, then the built-in buttons (station 0) will also appear in the first 8 bytes of the returned data.

This structure is provided for compatibility applications that are expecting this format of data as it was previously provided by CueServer 1. Note that CueServer 1 only returned 512 bytes, corresponding to its stations 1 thru 64 (there was no “Station 0”) in CueServer 1.


If an error occurs during the processing of the request, only a single byte will be returned by this URL. The value of the returned byte is explained in the following table:

Error Value Description
0xFF An internal memory error occurred.