Version 4.0.3

Version 4.0.3 is a maintenance release with 9 important bug fixes and two new features. New features include improved non-volatile variable identification and a special recovery mode accessible by physical access to the device. Bug fixes focus on show file loading, reliability of non-volatile variables, and minor JavaScript improvements.

  • Navigator Window
    • Bug Fixed an issue introduced in v4.0.1 that caused show files to be unable to be loaded into CueServers that did not have a password set.
  • Variables
    • Feature Variables declared as non-volatile in either the Variable Editor or live Variables status monitor now appear with a light green background to denote that their values will be retained through a power loss and/or show switching.
    • Bug Addressed a problem where non-volatile variables would internally be reclassified as volatile if their value was set to NULL.
    • Bug Switching shows now removes the previous show’s non-volatile variables.
    • Bug The live Variable status window would get stuck if the current show contained no user-defined variables. This has been fixed.
    • Bug Fixed a problem where the Apply button could sometimes appear enabled even though the user had not made any changes in the window.
    • Bug Addressed a problem that could cause the unloading of non-volatile variables during a show switch to fail.
    • Bug Addressed a problem that rarely caused the contents of the FRAM chip to not be loaded properly during boot time, which would result in a loss of non-volatile variable restoration.
  • JavaScript
    • Bug Addressed a problem where Timer resources were not being modified in a consistent way.
  • Operating System
    • Feature A new method has been added that allows for activation of the self test mode, password reset, network reset, and/or factory reset by users with direct physical access to the pinhole Reset button on the device.
  • General
    • Bug Fixed a problem introduced in v4.0.1 where a firmware update would not display its progress in real-time.