Command Description Return Value
Join <join group> Sets the join group of the current zone The join group number
Join Clear Sets the join group of the current zone to 0 0
Join ? Returns the current zone’s join group The join group number
  • <join group>
    • A numeric ID from 0 through 32.




Use the Join command to set the Join Group Number for the selected zone.

Each Zone can be assigned a Join Group. By default each Zone starts in Group 0 (zero). When a Zone is a member of a non-zero Join Group, that zone becomes logically “joined” with all other Zones that are members of the same group.

When Zones are joined together by having the same Join Group Number, the channels of all Zones in the group are merged together. Also, any Preset number that is activated a Zone will be also activated in all joined zones.

For example, a project has three zones named “Ballroom A”, “Ballroom B”, and “Ballroom C”. Each of these zones has eight presets numbered 1 through 8. The channels in each zone are 1>10, 11>20, and 21>30, respectively.

If a user activates any preset in any of the three zones, that preset only operates in that zone. It is assumed that removable walls are separating each of these zones.

Next, the wall that separates Ballroom B and C are removed. The desired effect is to “join” these two rooms. To perform this connection between the two zones, the Join Group Number of each of these two zones must match. The following commands will set both zone’s group number to 7:

Zone "Ballroom B" Join 7
Zone "Ballroom C" Join 7

Once both of these zones have the same Join Group Number, any action taken in one zone will be mirrored in the other zones. For instance, if the following command is executed:

Zone "Ballroom B" Preset 3 On

Preset 3 will become activated in the Ballroom B Zone. Additionally, Ballroom C’s Preset 3 will also be activated.

Join Group “7” was arbitrarily chosen for this example. Any Join Group from 1 through 32 could have been used. It is only important that the _same* Join Group number be used for each zone that should be joined together.

The concept of the Join Group is flexible enough to create scenarios where very complex and not-necessarily physically connected spaces in the project can be joined together. And because there are 32 possible Join Groups to use, a large number of different logical blocks of zones can be joined together.

When a zone should no longer be joined with any other zones, use the command Join 0, or Join Clear to set the zone’s Join Group to zero.


Join 3
Sets the currently selected zone’s Join Group to 3.

Zone "Foyer" Join 5
Sets the Join Group for the Foyer zone to 5.

Zone "Happy" Join Clear
Clears (sets to zero) the Join Group for the Happy zone.

Join ?
Returns the currently selected zone’s Join Group.

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