This request returns an array of DMX Output channels. The result contains channel values from the final output stage of the playback stack.




  • index=<0..16383> (optional)
    • Specifies the starting channel index of the returned array of values.
    • If this parameter is not supplied, the default value is 0.

  • count=<0..16384> (optional)
    • Specifies the number of channels to return values for.
    • If this parameter is not supplied, all channels up to and including the highest configured channel will be returned.

  • pad=<0,1> (optional)
    • If given as 0, the returned data will not be padded, only the requested channels will be returned.
    • If given as 1, the returned data will be padded with extra zero bytes (0x00) to satisfy the count parameter, even if those channels do not exist in the current configuration.


The data returned is an array of bytes, each one corresponding to the requested channels. Each byte ranges from zero (0x00) to 100% (0xFF).


If an error occurs during the processing of the request, only a single byte will be returned by this URL. The value of the returned byte is explained in the following table:

Error Value Description
0xFF An internal shared memory error occurred.
0xFE An improper channel range was specified.