Command Description Return Value
Playback <number> [<range...>] Change the active playback fader and/or select a range of playbacks The new playback number
Playback ? Return the currently active playback fader The current playback number




Choosing The Active Playback

The Playback command changes the currently active playback fader and/or allows a playback fader’s properties to be changed. Playback faders are the functional units in the DMX output stack that control the playback of cues, streams and maintain the fade progress and timing of linked cues. Each playback fader operates as an independent layer of control in the DMX output stack and has properties that control how each playback layer is merged with the preceding layer, and the overall intensity of the channels in the layer. Use the Playback command to change the active playback fader, or in conjunction with an action command like At, On, Off or Set to change the playback’s submaster level, or to set the layer properties. When used alone or in logic expressions, the Playback command returns the currently active playback fader.

Selecting a Range of Playbacks

The Playback command works differently from other selection commands. When selecting a range of playbacks (for example using the command Playback 3>5), the first playback of the range becomes the “active” playback while all of the playbacks in the range become selected. This is for two reasons, (1) only one playback can be active at a time, but (2) the selected range can be used for working with playbacks with the At, Clear, Enable, and Disable commands. For example, the command Playback 1>7 Clear will clear all seven playbacks, but only playback 1 will become “active”.

Determining The Active Playback

The question mark ? can be used to ask what the currently active playback is. A number will be returned, from 1 to 32 indicating which playback is currently active.


Playback 1
Makes playback 1 active. All future playback related commands will be directed to playback 1.

Playback 2 At 75
Makes playback 2 active and sets the playback’s submaster to 75%.

Playback 3
Cue 1 Go
Makes playback 3 active, then executes cue 1 in playback 3.

Playback 4
set Playback.Mode "Override"
Makes playback 4 active, then sets the playback’s layer mode to “override”.

Playback 2>4 At 50
Makes playback 2 active and sets playback 2, 3, and 4’s submaster to 50%.

Playback 4>8 Disable
Makes playback 4 active and disables playbacks 4 through 8.

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