Command Description Return Value
Fade <cue fade time> Sets the active playback fader’s cue fade time The cue fade time set
Fade ? Returns the current cue fade time of the active playback fader The current cue fade time
  • <cue fade time>
    • A decimal number of seconds (optionally using decimal digits for fractions of seconds)
    • 0 means no fade time (or the channels are set immediately without fading)
    • Optionally may include a slash (/) which indicates a split (up/down) fade
    • Optionally may include a dash (-) which indicates a delayed fade




Setting The Cue Fade Time

Use the Fade command to set the cue fade time for the active playback fader. This time is used to crossfade the channels of the next cue whenever the Go command is executed. The cue fade time is automatically set by cues being loaded into the playback fader, but the Fade command can be used to override the cue fade time.

Using Split Fade Times

A split fade time is used when it is desired to have channels that are fading up occur at a different rate than channels fading down. To specify a split fade time, use a slash character in between two fade times. For instance, the command Fade 3.5/7.5 will cause any channel that is fading up to occur in 3.5 seconds, and any channel that is fading down to occur in 7.5 seconds.

Using Fade Delays

Normally, whenever a cue is executed, the fade begins immediately. A delay can be inserted that would cause the fade to be delayed before starting to change value. To specify a fade delay, use a delay time and dash character before the fade time. For instance, the command Fade 5.5-10 will cause the fade to delay 5.5 seconds before beginning a 10 second fade.

Using Both Fade Delays And Split Fade Timing

Both fade delays and split fades can be combined. For instance, the command Fade 1-2/3-4 would cause any channels fading up to be delayed 1 second before fading over 2 seconds, while the downward fading channels would be delayed 3 seconds before fading over 4 seconds.

Determining The Current Cue Fade Time

Use the Fade command with the question mark (?) to return the current cue fade time. A cue fade time such as 7.21 or 12/3 will be returned.


Fade 1
Sets the cue fade time to 1 second.

Fade 1.35/7.2
Sets the cue fade time to 1.35 seconds for upward fading channels and 7.2 seconds for downward fading channels.

Cue 22 Fade 5 Go
Loads cue 22, then overrides it’s fade time to 5 seconds before executing it.

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