Version 4.0.1

Version 4.0.1 is a maintenance release with 3 new features and 11 bug fixes. The major focus areas of this release include resolving several bugs related to working with password-protected CueServers, improving auto-discovery, and fixing some issues with the layout editor.

  • Navigator Window
    • Feature When a password-protected CueServer has been accessed using the correct password, the padlock icon now displays as being unlocked.
    • Bug Improved the auto-discovery feature to work across non-local subnets in more cases.
    • Bug Addressed a problem that may cause a crash when renaming a show on a password-protected CueServer.
    • Bug Fixed a problem that prevented the new .cs2 show files type to not be choosable via the Upload Show dialog window.
    • Bug Studio now properly asks the user to enter the password when trying to upload a show file to a password-protected CueServer.
    • Bug Displaying show files on a password-protected CueServer now prompts for the password before failing.
    • Bug Removed the padlock icon from show files in the CueServer directory listing.
  • CueScript
    • Feature A new PAGE CLEAR syntax has been added allowing the current command context’s page to be cleared.
    • Bug Addressed a problem that make it impossible to set button parameters of a non-paged station when accessing it from within the context of a different station that has pages.
  • Layout Editor
    • Feature Added the ability to “export” images from Icon Buttons and page backgrounds back to files on the user’s computer.
    • Bug Fixed the viewport dimensions for the HDTV/4K entry in the Viewport Chooser dialog.
    • Bug Deleting a layout widget no longer removes a linked resource unless there are no other widgets on the page that link to the same resource.
    • Bug Addressed a problem that could cause IDs of newly added widgets to conflict with existing resources after resources were manually added to the page.
  • Web Stations
    • Bug Addressed a problem that could cause virtual Ultra stations to not appear properly.