Command Description Return Value
Press Presses the selected object(s) 0




The Press command is used to perform the same event that would occur if the user physically presses a button (or closes a contact). Release has the opposite effect as Press.

When the Press command is executed, the selected Button (or Contact) will receive a “press event”, which causes all of the press events to be executed for that Button (or Contact).

It is not necessary to always issue a Release command for each Press command. If a Button receives multiple “press events”, it will execute its “Whenever this Button is Pressed” actions each time. However, if the Button has a “Whenever this Button is Held” rule, that rule will be executed some number of seconds in the future if a Release is not issued for that Button.


Button 1 Press
Performs the same actions as if the user has physically pressed Button 1.

Button 1+3+5 Press
Presses Buttons 1, 3, and 5.

Button 2.3 Press; Release
Presses and then immediately releases Button 2.3.

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