Version 1.4.1b (2/24/2016)

  • Windows Installer
    • Bug Addressed a problem with the Windows installer that corrupted the application in a way that would cause it to not be able to properly create new offline show files [Windows Only].

Version 1.4.1 (2/9/2016)

  • CueServer Studio 2
    • Feature Editor Windows now darken and display a “CueServer Offline” message when the device becomes unreachable.
    • Bug Addressed a problem that would cause cue display problems and a crash in the stream capture window on host computers that are localized to use a comma as the decimal value separator.
    • Bug Addressed a problem that could cause some show files to not appear in the Navigator window when multiple CueServers’ show listings were being displayed at the same time.
    • Bug Addressed a problem that could cause the “Input Status” indicator in the Settings > DMX > Universes panel to show an improper status.
    • Bug Addressed a problem introduced in v1.4.0 that caused a warning icon to appear for the Settings > DMX navigation item for offline shows.
    • Bug Addressed a problem that caused Blue LED Indicators on the CueServer device to appear Magenta in CueServer Studio.
    • Bug Addressed a problem that caused the Indicators in the Status > Front Panel to not be labeled properly.
  • Firmware
    • Feature Temporary internal files are no longer stored in non-volitale memory to reduce wear on flash memory.
    • Feature Changed the default subnet mask after factory reset to
    • Bug Fixed a problem that caused the IP Address to show “No Address” when the Ethernet cable was unplugged, instead of properly showing the IP Address.
    • Special Note Devices running firmware version 1.4.1 (or higher) can not be downgraded to 1.4.0 (or lower) without assistance from Technical Support. Downgrading firmware is not typically necessary. Should a situation arise that requires a firmware downgrade, please contact Technical Support first.