When a DMX Trigger is set to the Enter/Exit Range type, various rules can be added to the trigger that fire whenever the channel value either enters or exits a particular range of values.

This type of trigger is best used to activate certain events within CueServer based on an input channel being raised or lowered into or out of a range of values.

When editing an Enter/Exit Range trigger, the editor panel will appear similar to this example:

The following properties can be set for an Exter/Exit Range trigger:

  • Properties
    • Number – The numerical order of the trigger in the list. This number can be changed to replace an existing trigger or to organize triggers numerically.
    • Name – A name for the trigger. This field can be freely set to any text.
  • Trigger
    • Channel – The channel that is being observed for the trigger. A value from 1 to 16384 may be entered into this field. The channel number corresponds to the global channel number within CueServer, not a local channel number in a single universe.
    • Type – The type of the DMX Trigger. Set to Enter/Exit Range for this type of trigger.
    • Range – A range of decimal DMX values for this trigger. Each field may be from 0 to 255.
    • Rules – One or more rules configured to trigger whenever the input DMX channel either enters or exits that range. Each rule may contain any actions or conditions as permitted by rules.