Version 4.0.7

Version 4.0.7 is a maintenance release with 3 bug fixes and one minor new feature. These changes improve the reliability of the product and introduce the ability to enable/disable the recently added IGMPv2 Querier feature.

  • Navigator Window
    • Bug Fix a Windows-only crash that could occur in the Password Entry window when attempting to reveal the list of shows stored on a password protected CueServer.
  • Network Settings
    • Feature A new Advanced… option is available in the Network Settings window that reveals a new option to enable/disable CueServer’s built-in IGMPv2 Querier.
  • Timers
    • Bug Addressed a problem that could cause timers set to Hourly Schedule to prematurely execute earlier than scheduled.
  • Timer Editor
    • Bug Fixed a potential crash that may occur when closing the Hourly Schedule popup window.