One of the fields in the Ping response string from a CueServer is the Hardware Model Identifier.

This number is a 16-bit value divided into several fields. When looking at this value in hexadecimal, its digits are broken into the following meanings:

Value Description
0xWXYZ W = Reserved for future use, should be 0
X = Hardware Revision, see below (0 to F)
Y = Hardware Platform, see below (0 to F)
Z = Hardware Variant, see below (0 to F)

Hardware Revision

A single hexadecimal digit from 0 to F corresponds to Hardware Revision “A” through “P”.

Note that CueServer 1 products do not report their hardware revision, and therefore they always return 0 in this field.

Hardware Platform

Hex Digit Description
0 CS-8xx Series (model indicated by Hardware Variant field)
A CS-900 CueServer 2 Pro
B CS-920 CueServer 2 Mini
E CS-940 CueServer 2 DIN
All others Reserved for future use

Hardware Variant

For the CueServer 1 series, this field indicates the specific model of CueServer:

Hex Digit Description
0 Unknown Model
1 CS-800 CueServer Pro
2 CS-810 CueServer Mini
3 CS-820 CueServer Mini DIN
4 CS-830 CueServer Mini DIN with Buttons
5 CS-PCB CueServer PCB
6 CS-815 CueServer BTO
7 CS-816 CueServer Express
8 CS-840 CueServer DIN
9 CS-811 CueServer Mini II
All others Reserved for future use

For the CueServer 2 series, this field is reserved for future use and typically returns F.


Identifier (Hex) Value (Decimal) Decoded Meaning
0x0001 1 CS-800 CueServer Pro
0x0007 7 CS-816 CueServer Express
0x00EF 239 CS-940 CueServer 2 DIN, Rev. A
0x01AF 431 CS-900 CueServer 2 Pro, Rev. B
0x03BF 959 CS-920 CueServer 2 Mini, Rev. D
0x07EB 2027 CS-940 CueServer 2 DIN, Rev. H, Special Variant