Command Description Return Value
Cue <cue number> Sets the active playback fader’s next cue The cue number set
Cue ? Returns the current cue in the active playback fader The current cue number
  • <cue number>
    • Any whole number from 0 to 99999
    • May optionally contain decimal numbers from .00 to .99


Q or CU


Setting The Next Cue

Use the Cue command to set the next cue in the active playback fader. Whenever the playback fader receives a Go command, it will advance to this next cue. The Cue command is frequently used in conjunction with the Go command. For instance, the commands Cue 1 Go are typically used together, even though they are two distinct commands. The first command, Cue 1 sets which cue is “next”, and then the Go proceeds to execute it.

Setting The Next Cue With Overrides

When the Cue command is executed, not only is the next cue number placed into the playback fader, but the cue’s fade and follow times and link cue are also loaded into the playback. This allows for manually overriding the timing or link before the Go command is executed. For instance, the commands Cue 1 Fade 5 Follow 10 Go would first load cue 1 as the next cue for the playback, then the fade time would be changed to 5 seconds, then the follow time would be changed to 10 seconds, and then the cue would be executed with the new timing substituted into place of the default values for the cue.

Working With Cue Stacks

By default, all cues are loaded from the main cue list. Additionally, the show file may contain one or more cue stacks. The Stack command is used to change which cue stack the playback fader is using. Once the stack has been changed on a playback fader, all cues on that playback will be loaded from that cue stack.

Determining The Current Cue

Use the Cue command with the question mark (?) to return the current cue number of the active playback fader. For instance, if playback 3 currently executing cue 7, then executing the commands Playback 3 Cue ? will return 7.

If a playback isn’t loaded with a cue, the return value will be negative (less than zero).


Cue 1
Sets cue 1 as the next cue in the active playback fader.

Cue 7 Go
Executes cue 7 in the active playback fader by first loading cue 7 then executing it.

Playback 3 Cue 100.5 Go
Executes cue 100.5 in playback 3.

Cue 999.99 Fade 5 Go
Loads cue 999.99, then overrides the fade time to 5 seconds, then executes it.

Playback 5
Stack "Intro"
Cue 1 Go
Sets playback 5 as the active playback, then switches the playback to use the stack named “Intro”, then executes Cue 1 from the “Intro” stack.

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