The following environment variables are defined in the built-in Apache 2 web server. These variables are available for use within custom HTML pages and/or CGI type scripts being served from CueServer.

Variable Description Example
SHOW_NAME The name of the current show file My First Show
SHOW_UNIVERSES The number of currently configured universes 8
SHOW_CHANNELS The number of currently configured channels 4096
SHOW_PLAYBACKS The number of currently configured playback faders 16
DEVICE_MODEL The model number of the device CS-940 (Rev. A)
DEVICE_NAME The assigned name of the device CueServer 2
DEVICE_SERIAL The serial number of the device 601234

Using Environment Variables with SSI

Apache environment variables can be used in HTML by utilizing Server Side Includes (SSI).

In the HTML code of the page, a special SSI tag can be included that Apache will automatically substitute into the HTML when the page is served from the server. The SSI tag looks like this:

<!--#echo var="DEVICE_NAME" -->

By default, SSI is not enabled on HTML pages. SSI can be enabled in one of several ways.

  • To enable SSI for a single page, the extension of the HTML document can be changed to .shtml. The .shtml extension causes Apache to process the SSI tags inside the HTML content of the document.
  • To enable SSI for a directory, a .htaccess file can be created in the directory that includes the Options +Include directive.
  • To enable SSI site-wide, the Apache configuration can be modified.