This request returns a Net Info data structure for the CueServer. This structure contains detailed information about the current operating parameters of CueServer’s network interfaces.




The following data structure will be returned by this request.

typedef struct NetInfo {        // (116 bytes)
    uint16_t            signature;              // Signature = 'CS'
    int16_t             version;                // Version = 0x0002 (or negative error code)

    char                deviceName[32];         // Device Name (hostname)
    uint16_t            switchModel;            // √ Ethernet switch model number
    uint8_t             switchMode;             // √ Ethernet Switch Mode (0 = Switch, 1 = VLAN)
    uint8_t             physicalPorts;          // √ Number of Ethernet ports
    uint8_t             reserved3[12];          // -

    uint32_t            primaryIP;              // √ Primary interface IP Address
    uint32_t            primarySubnet;          // √ Primary interface Subnet Mask
    uint32_t            primaryGateway;         // Primary interface Default Gateway
    uint8_t             primaryMAC[6];          // Primary interface MAC Address
    uint8_t             primaryDHCP;            // Primary interface DHCP Mode
    uint8_t             primaryLinkStatus;      // √ Primary interface Link Status
    uint8_t             reserved1[12];          // -

    uint32_t            secondaryIP;            // √ Secondary interface IP Address
    uint32_t            secondarySubnet;        // √ Secondary interface Subnet Mask
    uint32_t            secondaryGateway;       // Secondary interface Default Gateway
    uint8_t             secondaryMAC[6];        // Secondary interface MAC Address
    uint8_t             secondaryDHCP;          // Secondary interface DHCP Mode
    uint8_t             secondaryLinkStatus;    // √ Secondary interface Link Status
    uint8_t             reserved2[12];          // -
} NetInfo;


If an error occurs during the processing of the request, only the first four bytes of the above structure will be returned by this URL. The first two bytes will have the “CS” signature and the next two bytes will contain an error value as described by the following table:

Error Value Description
-1 An internal shared memory error occurred.
-2 Could not communicate with Ethernet hardware.
-3 Unknown Ethernet switch model.
-4 TCP/IP stack error.