Version 4.0.6

Version 4.0.6 is a maintenance release with 6 bug fixes. Most importantly, an issue has been addressed that improves network reliability on the CS-900 model when it is configured for Dual-LAN mode.

  • CueServer Studio
    • Bug After the application is open and running, if a .cs2 file is opened from the Finder, it now is properly added to the Offline Shows list and the Editor Window opens.
    • Bug Repaired an issue that could cause CueServer Studio application version checking to report erroneous results when launched in 32-bit Windows.
  • Network Settings
    • Bug Addressed an issue that could sometimes cause a yellow caution icon to appear in the lower-left corner of the Network Settings window, even if no warning condition is currently active.
  • Editor Window
    • Bug Fixed an issue that caused the window splitter between the main editor panel and the command line to not remember its position properly after the window is resized.
  • Timers
    • Bug Fixed a problem that caused On/Off timers to not fire during system startup if the timer was within range, but a global rule was also executing during startup.
  • Ethernet Connectivity
    • Bug Addressed a problem that was causing the CS-900 model when in Dual-LAN mode to drop Ethernet packets if the packets had their DSCP “QoS” bits set. This would disrupt communications with services such as DHCP, SSH, or NTP if those services were specifying non-zero QoS priority.