This request returns the value of one or more variables.




  • id=<variableName>
    • Given a name of a variable (such as x or MyCue), the value of that single variable will be returned.
    • If id=* (an asterisk), then the entire database of user variables will be returned.


In the case where a single variable value is being requested, the actual value will be returned.

In the case where the variable database is being requested, an array of null-terminated (C-style) strings is returned. The strings are in pairs of then . If the database contains non-volatile variables, they will be at the end of the database, separated by a *,* pair.


If an error occurs during the processing of the request, only a single byte will be returned by this URL. The value of the returned byte is explained in the following table:

Error Value Description
0xFF An internal memory error occurred.