The exe.cgi URL is used to execute CueScript commands on the CueServer.

The typical format of this URL is:


For example, the following URL will execute the command Cue 1 Go:



  • cmd=<string>
  • def=<defaultPlayback> (optional)
    • 1 to 32 specifies the playback that the command will default to.
    • If this parameter is not specified, then no change will be made to the default playback for this context (i.e., the playback will remain the same as it was after a previous command was executed within this context).

  • usr=<contextID> (optional)
    • -1 specifies that a temporary context should be used.
    • 0 specifies the default context (same as used by CueServer Studio).
    • 1 to 4 specifies User 1 thru User 4 contexts (for multi-user input).
    • 5 specifies the Ethernet context.
    • 6 specifies the Serial context.
    • 7 specifies the Rule Actions context.
    • If this parameter is not specified, then a temporary context will be used.


CueScript Command URL
M1 /exe.cgi?cmd=M1
Cue 73 Go /exe.cgi?cmd=Cue+73+Go
WRITE "Hello World!" /exe.cgi?cmd=WRITE+%22Hello+World%21%22
Clear, on Playback 3 /exe.cgi?cmd=Clear&def=3
Button 1.5 Off, in Context 0 /exe.cgi?cmd=Button+1.5+Off&usr=0