Command Description Return Value
Output <number> [<range...>] Select one or more outputs The state of the selected output(s)
Output <station>.<number> [<range...>] Select one or more outputs on a specific station The state of the selected output(s)
Output ? Return the current selection A selection string




Selecting Outputs

The Output command selects one or more outputs in the system. Outputs are typically the hard-wired digital outputs on a CueServer or external I/O board. Use the Output command in conjunction with an action command like On, Off, or At to change the output state of one or more outputs. When used alone or in logic expressions, the Output command returns the current state of the specified output(s).

Either a single output number can be specified, or a range of outputs can be specified using the various selection operators like +, -, > and ~.

The wildcard character * can be used as the output number to mean all outputs for a particular station.

Working With Stations

When no station number specified, the default station is assumed. The Station command can be used to change the default station. Unless changed by the Station command, the default station is typically Station 0, which corresponds to the built-in outputs on the CueServer itself. When a station number is specified as part of the Output command, that station number will be used for the selection.

Determining Which Outputs Are Selected

The question mark ? can be used to ask what the current selection is. A selection string will be returned, which will consist of a single number (like 3) or a range (like 5>7+9), or if no outputs are selected, 0 will be returned.


Output 1
Selects output 1. Future action commands will be directed towards output 1. Also returns 0, or 1 to indicate if the output is currently off or on.

Output 1>5 On
Turns on outputs 1 thru 5.

Output 1>3+5>8 Off
Turns off outputs 1 through 3 and 5 through 8.

Output 7 At 50
Sets the level of output 7 to 50% (any non-zero level turns an output on).

Output ?
Returns the current output selection in the format of a single number like 3, or a range like 5>7+9.

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