Command Description Return Value
Unlock Unlocks the selected object(s) The number of objects unlocked




The Unlock command unlocks the currently selected object(s). The Unlock command can be used with Buttons, Contacts, Pages, and Stations. Unlocked buttons or contacts triggers its events normally. If a button has an indicator, it appears in the “normal” state. If a page that requires a PIN number is unlocked, then the user will be able to use the page without manually entering the PIN number. If a station is unlocked, all of its buttons will appear in the “normal” state and/or the lock icon will be removed from the screen. Unlock has the opposite effect as Lock.

The following table shows the various effect of locking or unlocking an object:

Object When Unlocked When Locked
Buttons Responds to presses normally Does not trigger any actions, displays locked indicator state
Contacts Responds to closures normally Does not trigger any actions
Pages The user may use the page The user must enter the correct PIN number to use the page
Stations Station operates normally Does not trigger any actions, all controls display locked indicator state and/or screen displays lock icon


Button 1 Unlock
Unlocks button 1.

Button 3>5 Unlock
Unlocks buttons 3 through 5.

Page 1 Unlock
If page 1 of the current station requires a PIN number, it will become unlocked without the user manually entering the PIN number.

Station 7 Unlock
Unlocks station 7.

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