The Stream tab of the Capture window is used to capture a stream of changing DMX channel values into the cue.

This window has controls for starting/stopping the stream recording and additional advanced options for controlling the length or external triggering of the stream recording.

Recording Controls

At the top of the window, there is a time display readout and a Record button.

The time display shows the current duration of stream recording that is in the cue. For new cues, this will show 00:00:00.00. For cues with existing streaming data, the cue’s current duration will appear in this display.

To start recording, press the Record button. The button will change to Stop and the time display will begin counting. Recording of DMX channel values will continue until the Stop button is pressed.

Record Length Option

This field can be used to limit the length of the recording to a specific number of seconds. Any number of seconds may be entered down to 1/100th second precision.

When a Record Length has been specified, the stream recording will automatically stop after the length has been reached.

If this field is empty, recording will continue until the Stop button is pressed.

Trigger Channel Option

This field can be used to specify a channel number that the CueServer should watch to automatically start and stop the stream recording. When the input channel rises above zero, the recording will start. Then, when the input channel falls back to zero, the recording will stop.

The typical use for this feature is to allow the external console that is sending DMX data to be able to start and stop the CueServer’s recording by raising and lowering this “trigger channel”. Any channel can be chosen, but it is typical to use a channel that is not being used by a dimmer or fixture.

When a trigger channel is specified, press the Record button to begin waiting for the trigger channel to rise above zero. As long as the trigger channel is being received as zero, the time display will wait to start recording:

As soon as the external console raises the trigger channel above zero, the recording will begin automatically. Then, when the trigger channel falls back to zero, recording will stop.