Art-Net is a method of sending and receiving DMX-over-Ethernet to and/or from a CueServer.

Art-Net is owned and copyright by Artistic Licence Holdings Ltd. Artistic Licence has published the specification and made it available for anyone to use on a royalty-free basis.

The following table lists the general specifications for the CueServer implementation of Art-Net:

  • Compliant with the Art-Net 3 Specification by Artistic License
  • May send and/or receive up to 128 universes of Art-Net simultaneously
  • May send and/or receive Art-Net packets with an arbitrary port address (network/sub-net/universe) from 0:0:0 thru 127:F:F
  • Art-Net is sent at a maximum rate of 40Hz for each universe when channel values are changing
  • Art-Net is sent at a minimum rate of 1Hz for each universe when channel values are static
  • Art-Net may be sent to the limited broadcast address, directed broadcast address or unicast to a specific IP address
  • Received Art-Net is merged with hardwired DMX designated for the same universe
  • Maintains proper sequence number transmission separately for each output universe
  • Each universe times out after 6 seconds when no packets for that universe are not received
  • CueServer’s implementation of Art-Net does not yet support “automatic” IP configuration via the ArtPoll method
  • CueServer does not receive its own Art-Net output

For more information about Art-Net, please visit the Art-Net Home Page at