This request returns one or more Extended Playback Info data structures for specified playback faders. This structure contains detailed information about the current status of each playback fader.




  • id=<playbackID>
    • 1 to 32 specifies an individual playback fader to fetch information for.
    • 0 returns a string of multiple data structures for each of the active playback faders.


The following data structure will be returned by this request.

typedef struct EPIData {        // (160 bytes total)
    uint8_t             version;                // Result Version = 0x02
    uint8_t             playback;               // Playback number (1..32)
    uint8_t             flags;                  // Flags (0 = Normal, 1 = Stopped, -1 = Not Installed)
    uint8_t             mode;                   // Mode (0 = Merge, 1 = Override, 2 = Scale, 3 = Pin)
    uint8_t             reserved1[4];           // -

    int32_t             curCueID;               // Current Cue ID (0..MAX_CUE_NUMBER, -1=CUE_NONE, -2=CUE_ACTIVE_CHANNELS)
    int32_t             nextCueID;              // Next Cue ID to "Go" to
    int32_t             linkCueID;              // Link Cue ID to link to

    FadeTimes           fadeTimes;              // Current fade/split/delay times
    float               followTime;             // Follow time for next cue go (0 = Do Not Auto-Follow)
    uint8_t             submaster;              // Submaster
    uint8_t             reserved2[3];           // -

    uint32_t            fadeCurTime;            // Fade progress
    uint32_t            fadeTotalTime;          // Fade total time

    float               followTimeRemain;       // Follow progress
    float               followTotalTime;        // Follow total time

    uint32_t            streamCurTime;          // Stream playback position (ticks)
    uint32_t            streamTotalTime;        // Stream total time (ticks)

    uint8_t             reserved3[12];          // -

    char                stackName[STACK_NAME_BUF_SIZE]; // Name of current stack
    char                curCueName[32];                 // Name of current cue
    char                nextCueName[32];                // Name of next cue
} EPIData;


If an error occurs during the processing of the request, only a single byte will be returned by this URL. The value of the returned byte is explained in the following table:

Error Value Description
0xFF An internal memory error occurred.
0xFE Invalid playback number was specified.