All CueServer 2 models have a “Reset” button. Most models (except for the older CS-940) have a small “pinhole” to access this button with a paperclip or small screwdriver.

The Reset Button is used for multiple maintenance purposes. It can be used to activate the built-in self-test, clear the user password, reset network settings, perform a full factory reset, and enter a special boatloader mode.

See the sections below for detailed instructions for using the Reset Button.


CS-900 CS-920 CS-940 CS-950
Location “Pinhole” on Rear Panel “Pinhole” on Front Panel Internal, Under Cover “Pinhole” on Right Side

Entering Bootloader Mode

To enter the special bootloader mode, start with CueServer powered off. When applying power, hold down the Reset Button. Instead of the Power LED blinking Blue, it will blink a Magenta color. This bootloader mode is for factory use only. There is no need to attempt to use bootloader mode except as instructed by Technical Support. If bootloader mode is entered accidentally, simply remove and reapply power without holding down the Reset Button.

Activating Boot Options

To use the Reset Button to activate one of the special boot options, follow these steps:

  1. Start with CueServer’s power off.
  2. Apply power without holding down the Reset Button.
  3. After the Power LED begins flashing Blue, press and hold the Reset Button. Note: If you press the Reset Button too soon, the Power LED will flash Magenta which indicates it has entered bootloader mode. If this happens, simply power off and try these steps again.
  4. After approximately 20 seconds, the Power LED will turn off and the LCD Display will show [RESET] Button Pressed.
  5. Continue to hold the Reset Button down.
  6. Every 2 seconds, the Power LED will change colors and the LCD Display will show a different “boot option”. The options and their LED colors are shown in the table below.
  7. When the option you want to activate appears, release the button.
  8. The display will change to Press & Release [RESET] to Confirm and the Power LED will begin flashing rapidly.
  9. If you want to activate the chosen option, press and release the Reset Button again to confirm within 5 seconds.
  10. If anything goes wrong (you selected the wrong option, or missed the opportunity to choose the desired option), simply don’t press the Reset Button again. The selection of a boot option will timeout and the device will resume starting up normally. Or, you can remove power at any time to try again.

Boot Options and their corresponding LED Colors

As the boot option menu has been activated at startup time, the following LCD Displays and Power LED colors will appear:

Color & Pattern LCD Display Description
Slowly Flashing Blue Welcome to CueServer Device is in the process of starting up, hold down the Reset Button during this time.
Off [RESET] Button Pressed Approximately 20 seconds after power-on, if the Reset Button is held, the Power LED will turn off for 1.5 seconds while the LCD indicates that reset options will appear shortly.
Green Start Self Test Release the Reset Button to choose to enter the self-test mode.
Magenta Skip Loading Show File Release the Reset Button to choose to skip loading the currently active show file during startup.
Yellow Clear User Password Release the Reset Button to choose to clear the user password from the device.
Cyan Clear Network Settings Release the Reset Button to choose to clear the network settings back to factory defaults.
Red Factory Reset Release the Reset Button to choose to perform a full factory reset on the device (all show data will be preserved).