Command Description Return Value
Release Releases channels from the active playback fader
Releases the selected object(s)




The Release command can be used with Channels, Buttons, or Contacts.

Releasing Channels

Released channels have no effect on the DMX output. One can think of released channels as being “transparent”. Before any channels are set or cues executed, all of the channels of a playback fader are released.

Releasing Selected Channels

The Release command releases the currently selected channels in the active playback fader. If the Release command is executed when channels are selected, those channels are released (they become transparent) immediately. After the channels are released, the selection is cleared.

Releasing All Channels

If the Release command is executed when no channels are selected, then all channels in the active playback fader are released. It is common practice to execute the release command twice (Release Release) when one wants to be sure to release all channels in the active playback fader.

Releasing Buttons or Contacts

The Release command is used to perform the same event that would occur if the user physically releases a button (or opens a contact). Press has the opposite effect as Release.

When the Release command is executed, the selected Button (or Contact) will receive a “release event”, which causes all of the release events to be executed for that Button (or Contact).

It is not necessary to always issue a Press command before each Release command. If a Button receives multiple “release events”, it will execute its “Whenever this Button is Released” actions each time. However, if the Button has a “Whenever this Button is Held” rule, that rule will be cancelled if the Release is received before the timer expires.


Releases selected channels in the active playback fader.

Channel 1>10 Release
Releases channels 1>10 in the active playback fader.

Playback 3 Release Release
Releases all channels in playback 3.

Button 1 Release
Performs the same actions as if the user has physically released Button 1.

Button 1+3+5 Release
Releases Buttons 1, 3, and 5.

Button 2.3 Press; Release
Presses and then immediately releases Button 2.3.

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