Version 4.0.2

Version 4.0.2 is a maintenance release with 10 bug fixes. The major focus areas of this release include improving Windows compatibility, and addressing other user-reported issues.

  • Editor Window
    • Bug Editing an offline show on Windows no longer crashes if the show file is using the .cs2 format.
    • Bug The console view no longer has cosmetic blemishes on the edges of buttons on Windows.
  • Station Editor
    • Bug Fix a problem that caused a crash if the Layout Editors from two different CueServers were opened at the same time.
    • Bug Fixed misleading labels for Increment/Decrement button actions when the button has a custom adjustment amount.
  • Functions Editor
    • Bug Fixed a problem that caused the Insert Function Call button to be inoperable on Windows.
  • Navigator Window
    • Bug Fixed an issue that could sometimes make the empty listbox banners display inappropriately.
  • Networking
    • Bug Addressed a problem that caused a manual Connect() on a TCP Client that is already connected to crash CueServer.
    • Bug Addressed a problem that could cause a crash in the Telnet server.
    • Bug Improved HTTP connection reliability on Windows.
  • General
    • Bug The Software Update window no longer appears blank on Windows.