Command Description Return Value
Macro <number> Executes the CueScript commands stored in the specified macro The result of the last command in the macro




The Macro command executes the CueScript instructions stored in a macro. A macro is a single command that expands automatically into a set of commands to perform a particular task. Macros are defined within CueServer Studio. When the macro command is executed, all of the commands defined in the macro are executed in it’s place.

For instance, if Macro 1 is defined to include the commands Time 5 At 100, then from somewhere else the command Channel 7 Macro 1 were executed, the result would be to select channel 7, then change the fade time to 5 seconds and set channel 7’s level to 100%.

Macros can contain an arbitrary number of CueScript commands, and may even call upon other macros. When macros call upon other macros, this is called “nesting”.


Macro 3
Executes the CueScript commands stored in Macro 3.