sACN (or Streaming ACN) is a preferred method of sending and receiving DMX-over-Ethernet to and/or from a CueServer.

The following table lists the general specifications for the CueServer implementation of sACN:

  • Compliant with ANSI Standard E1.31-2009 (sACN)
  • May send and/or receive up to 128 universes of sACN simultaneously
  • May send and/or receive sACN packets with an arbitrary universe number between 1 and 63999
  • sACN is sent at a maximum rate of 40Hz for each universe when channel values are changing
  • sACN is sent at a minimum rate of 1Hz for each universe when channel values are static
  • Supports the sending of user-defined priority levels for each universe
  • Received sACN is merged with hardwired DMX designated for the same universe
  • Ignores incoming data marked as Preview Data
  • Performs immediate stream termination when a Stream Terminated packet is received
  • Maintains proper sequence number transmission separately for each output universe
  • Sends the universe’s name as the sACN source name for each universe
  • Ignores packets with start code 0xDD (used for slot-by-slot priority)
  • Each universe times out after 2.5 seconds when no packets for that universe are not received
  • CueServer does not receive its own sACN output

For more information about sACN, please visit the ESTA Technical Standards Program at