Command Description Return Value
Channel <number> [<range...>] Select one or more DMX channels The selected channels’ value
Channel <universe>.<local> [<range...>] Select one or more DMX channels The selected channels’ value
Channel ? Return the currently selected DMX channels A selection string
  • <number>
    • A global channel number from 1 to 16384.
    • This number addresses channels as a continuous block through all configured universes.
  • <universe>.<local>
    • A channel number in “dotted” notation specifies both a universe number from 1 to 128 and a channel from 1 to 512 within that universe.
    • This dotted number addresses channels locally within each universe.




Selecting Channels

The Channel command selects one or more DMX channels in the currently active playback fader. DMX channels are the individual control levels sent out of the CueServer to operate connected DMX lighting fixtures. Use the Channel command in conjunction with an action command like At, On, Off, Enable, Disable, Park, Unpark or Release to set channel levels, change the enable or parked state of channels, or release them. When used alone or in logic expressions, the Channel command returns the current value of the specified channel(s).

Either a single channel number can be specified, or a range of channels can be specified using the various selection operators like +, -, > and ~.

The wildcard character * can be used as the channel number to mean all channels in the active playback fader.

Using Global vs. Local Channel Numbers

The Channel command can use either global or local channel numbers. Global channel numbers sequentially number every channel used by all universes in sequential order (typically from 1 up to 16384). Local channel numbers restart at 1 for each universe and are denoted in a . format.

For example, Channel 3.1 refers to the first channel of universe 3. In global channel numbering (assuming that universes 1 & 2 both have 512 channels each) the same channel would be referred to as Channel 1025.

Determining Which Channels Are Selected

The question mark ? can be used to ask what the current selection is. A selection string will be returned, which will consist of a single number (like 3) or a range (like 5>7+9), or if no channels are selected, 0 will be returned.


Channel 1
Selects channel 1. Future action commands will be directed towards channel 1. Also returns the channel’s current value between 0 and 255, or -1 if the channel is released.

Channel 1>5 At 33
Sets channels 1 through 5 to 33%.

Channel 1>3+5>8 On
Sets channels 1 through 3 and 5 through 8 to 100%.

@Channel 2+5 Park
Parks channels 2 and 5.

Channel 100
Time 0
At 75
Time 5
At 0
Selects channel 100, then sets the fade time to 0 (immediate), then sets the channel (100) to 75%, then sets the fade time to 5 (seconds), then sets the channel (100) to 0%.

Channel 33 At #253
Sets channel 33 to decimal value 253.

Channel 44 at $FA
Sets channel 44 to hexadecimal value $FA.

Channel 7.1 at FL
Sets channel 1 of universe 7 to 100%.

Channel ?
Returns the current channel selection in the format of a single number like 3, or a range like 5>7+9.

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