The LCD Display has two modes of operation, the Status Display and the Menu Display:

Status Display

By default, while the CueServer is running normally, the Status Display will be visible. This display typically shows the device’s name, the current time, and the device’s IP address. Although this information is typically shown, the Status Display is entirely customizable by the active show, so the Status Display might appear differently.

CueServer 2      Jan 1, 2016  9:42:00 AM

For a list of available Status Display customizations, see the LCD Status Options section.

Menu Display

By pressing the Enter button of the navigation switch, the LCD will change to it’s Menu Display. This display will show a list of Main Menu choices. Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll through the list of available choices. To activate a choice, press Enter or Right. To return to the previous display, press the Left button.

Main > [1] Macros                       
       [2] Shows
       [3] Clock Settings
       [4] Network Settings
       [5] DMX Menu
       [6] System Information
       [7] Self Test

See the LCD Menu Functions section for details about each available menu function.