Version 4.0.5

Version 4.0.5 is a maintenance release with 7 bug fixes and 1 new feature. The improvements in this release focus on improved network behavior when IGMP Snooping is enabled, and a variety of minor bug fixes.

  • Rules
    • Bug Fixed a problem that would cause a contact’s rules to stop executing properly if a contact closure input had a “was held” rule and that contact was closed/opened 16 times in succession.
  • Web Stations
    • Bug Addressed a problem that could cause the Layout Editor library to not show its contents if the same CueServer appeared twice in the Navigator window, once as a local device, and again as a remote device.
    • Bug Fixed a bug that caused buttons with Button IDs above 64 to not work with the AT, ENABLE, DISABLE, LOCK, or UNLOCK commands.
  • Settings
    • Bug Adjusted the UI of the CueScript Settings panel to make it clear that Incoming CueScript UDP messages are always received using UDP Port 52737.
  • Web API
    • Bug Repaired problem in the set.cgi API for setting time remotely on a CueServer that could cause the API call to fail.
  • JavaScript
    • Bug Improved the CURL command to be able to receive larger responses from clients, allowing the Philips Hue plugin to address many more lights simultaneously.
  • Networking
    • Feature CueServer now sends IGMP General Query messages periodically to the network to help ensure that any switches configured to perform IGMP Snooping will receive the IGMP Membership Reports necessary to maintain CueServer auto-discovery and sACN multicast traffic as appropriate.
  • Operating System
    • Bug Fixed a problem that would occur when setting the current date/time of a CueServer if the new date has a different Daylight Saving Time status than the old date. The resulting time would be offset by the difference in the DST change instead of setting the time as expected.