Command Description Return Value
Universe <number> [<range...>] Select one or more universes None
Universe ? Return the current selection A selection string




Selecting Universes

The Universe command selects one or more universes in the system. Universes are the logical blocks of 512 DMX channels that are sent and/or received by the CueServer across the Ethernet network. Use the Universe command in conjunction with an action command like Enable, Disable, or Set to enable/disable the universe or to change the universe’s properties (such as it’s broadcast priority). When used alone or in logic expressions, the Universe command returns 0 or 1 to indicate is the universe is disabled or enabled.

Either a single universe number can be specified, or a range of universes can be specified using the various selection operators like +, -, > and ~.

The wildcard character * can be used as the universe number to mean all universes.

Determining Which Universes Are Selected

The question mark ? can be used to ask what the current selection is. A selection string will be returned, which will consist of a single number (like 3) or a range (like 5>7+9), or if no universes are selected, 0 will be returned.


Universe 1
Selects universe 1. Future action commands will be directed towards universe 1. Also returns 0, or 1 to indicate if the universe is currently disabled or enabled.

Universe 3 Disable
Disables the transmission of universe 3.

Universe 1>3+5>8 Enable
Enables universes 1 through 3 and 5 through 8.

Universe 2
Set Universe.Priority 150
Sets the “priority” property of Universe 2 to 150.

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