The Status Display of the LCD is divided into four quadrants, the top-left, top-right, bottom-left, and bottom-right. Each of these four quadrants can be customized to show a different piece of information about the status of the device or show.

The default Status Display for CueServer 2 has the following quadrant layout:

Device Name Long Date + 12-Hour Time
Show Name IP Address

The following table shows the available options and how they appear on the LCD display:

Status Type Example Description
Device Name CueServer 2 The assigned name of the device.
Show Name My First Show The name of the active show.
Show Directory /shows/My First Show/ The file system directory of the active show.
IP Address IP: The IP Address of the device. If the device is configured with multiple network LANs, the display will alternate between both networks’ IP Addresses. If the Ethernet jack is unplugged, a symbol will appear in front of the address.
Timecode TC: 00:00:00:00 The current timecode within the system.
IO Status [C:--*--*--][O:-----**-] The current status of the built-in contact closures and digital outputs. A * symbol indicates that a contact is closed or an output is active.
CPU Load CPU: 7% The current 5-minute average CPU load percentage.
Long Date + 12-Hour Time Feb 15, 2017 10:34:56 PM The long date and 12-hour time combined.
Short Date + 12-Hour Time 2/15/17 10:34:56 PM The short date and 12-hour time combined.
Long Date + 24-Hour Time Feb 15, 2017 22:34:56 The long date and 24-hour time combined.
Short Date + 24-Hour Time 2/15/17 22:34:56 The short date and 24-hour time combined.
Long Date Feb 15, 2017 The long date.
Short Date 2/15/17 The short date.
12-Hour Time 10:34:56 PM The 12-hour time.
24-Hour Time 22:34:56 The 24-hour time.

These settings can be changed by choosing the Settings > LCD Display from within CueServer Studio.