Command Description Return Value
Go Executes the next cue in the active playback fader The cue number executed




Going To The Next Cue

Use the Go command to execute the next cue in the active playback fader. The next cue is typically the cue with the next numerically higher number in the cue list, but the next cue can be overridden by an optional link in the cue or executing the Cue command.

After each Go occurs, the properties of the next cue are loaded into the playback fader. These properties include the next cue’s fade and follow times and the cue’s link.

Timing For Normal Cues

When the next cue is executed with the Go command, the playback’s Fade time is used to crossfade to the channels recorded in the cue. The playback’s Follow time is used to start a timer that, when expired, will automatically “follow” to the next cue by automatically executing another Go.

It is important to note that a cue’s Fade and Follow times are started at the same time. For instance, if a cue has a fade of 3 seconds and a follow of 4 seconds, then the fade will complete 3 seconds after the cue started, and the follow will occur 4 seconds after the cue started (or 1 second after the fade completes). This means that if the follow time is shorter than the fade time, the fade will not fully complete before the follow occurs.

Timing For Streaming Cues

Streaming cues do not have a fade time, but they do use a follow time. If a follow time is specified, the stream will only play until the follow time is reached and then will automatically “follow” to the next cue by automatically executing another Go.

Streams have various playback modes that affects what action is taken when the end of the stream is reached. These modes include Follow, Loop, Hold and Blackout. Please refer to the section about streaming cues for more details.


If a cue has an optional link, then when it is loaded into a playback fader, the playback’s Link property is set. Whenever a Go occurs on that playback, if the playback has a link set, then instead of advancing to the next sequential cue, the linked cue will be loaded.


Advances to the next cue in the active playback fader.

Cue 7 Go
Executes cue 7 in the active playback fader by first loading cue 7 then executing it.

Playback 3 Cue 100.5 Go
Executes cue 100.5 in playback 3.

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