This request returns a Playback Info data structure for the specified playback fader.

The PI selector was originally designed for CS1 and therefore is restricted to fixed point fade times, cue IDs with only one digit of precision after the decimal point and it is missing several new playback features available in CS2. This selector is provided for compatibility only and is not recommended for use with CS2.




  • id=<playbackID>
    • Specifies the a playback fader number from 1 to 32.


The following data structure will be returned by this request.

typedef struct PlaybackInfo {                   // (96 bytes total)
    uint8_t             playback;               // Playback number (1..32)
    uint8_t             runMode;                // Run Mode (0 = Normal, 1 = Stopped)
    uint8_t             outputLevel;            // Output level (0..255)
    uint8_t             combineMode;            // Combine Mode (0 = Merge, 1 = Override, 2 = Scale)
    uint16_t            fadeTimer;              // Remaining fade time in progress
    uint16_t            followTimer;            // Remaining follow time in progress
    uint32_t            streamTimer;            // Stream playback position

    uint16_t            currentCue;             // Cue currently playing (0 = None, 1 = Cue 0.1, -1 = Active Channels)
    uint16_t            nextCue;                // Next cue (0 = None, 1 = Cue 0.1)
    uint16_t            fadeUpTime;             // Fade Up Time for next cue
    uint16_t            fadeDownTime;           // Fade Down Time for next cue
    uint16_t            followTime;             // Follow Time for next cue
    uint16_t            linkCue;                // Linked cue for next cue

    uint8_t             reserved[8];            // Reserved

    char                currentName[32];        // Name of current cue
    char                nextName[32];           // Name of next cue
} PlaybackInfo;


If an error occurs during the processing of the request, only a single byte will be returned by this URL. The value of the returned byte is explained in the following table:

Error Value Description
0xFF An internal shared memory error occurred.
0xFE An invalid playback number was given.