Command Description Return Value
Unpark Unparks the selected channel(s) None




The Unpark command unlocks the current value of the selected channel(s) in the active playback fader. Parked channels cannot be changed by running cues or using the At command. Use the Unpark command to un-freeze one or more channels so future cues and/or commands will effect the channel level(s).

The Park command has the opposite effect as the Unpark command.

Visual Representation

In CueServer Studio, parked channels appear in the stage view with their channel numbers in red. Note that you can only see parked channels if the Stage View is set to display a specific playback fader. You will not see parked channels in either the input or output stage views.


Unparks the currently selected channels in the currently active playback fader.

Channel 1>3+5>8 Unpark
Unparks channels 1 through 3 and 5 through 8 in the currently active playback fader.

Playback 3 Channel * Unpark
Unparks all channels in playback 3.

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