Command Description Return Value
Link <cue number> Sets the active playback fader’s linked cue number The linked cue
Link Clear Clears the active playback fader’s linked cue None
Link ? Returns the current linked cue of the active playback fader The current linked cue
  • <cue number>
    • Any whole number from 0 to 99999
    • May optionally contain decimal numbers from .00 to .99




Setting The Linked Cue

Use the Link command to set the linked cue for the active playback fader. Whenever a Go occurs, this link is used to override the normal sequential execution of cues. If no link is set, cues execute in numerical order. If the link is set to a cue, then this cue will become the next cue after the Go.

Clearing The Linked Cue

Use the Link Clear command to clear any linked cue in the active playback fader. Without a linked cue, future Go commands will execute cues in numerical order.

Determining The Current Linked Cue

Use the Link command with the question mark (?) to return the current linked cue. A cue number such as 1 or 100.5 will be returned. If no cue is linked, -1 is returned.


Link 1
Sets the linked cue to cue 1.

Cue 22 Link 1 Go
Loads cue 22, then overrides its linked cue to cue 1 before executing it.

Link Clear
Clears any currently linked cue from the active playback fader.

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